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Hi there,

I’ve been making a living taking pictures and writing books and articles for the past forty years, and have traveled through some sixty countries and all fifty states while doing so. It’s been a kick.

If you're wishing a print or digital download please see below, or drop me a line via the Contact page. Most who place orders are cyclists or reenactors who have located photos of themselves. My thanks for the fun of shooting you all for decades!

*Please do note the ‘Personal Use License’ that pops up if you choose a digital download.  You are promising that your enjoyment of the image will be non-commercial.

If you do write to me about an order, or if you’re a photo editor of a magazine, tour company, or publishing house, please know that I’m gone a lot – and a business of one. So please be patient if I don’t get back with you the very next day. You are not being ignored.

All the best. Hope you enjoy some of the shots. 



Prints & Downloads

Those galleries where the "BUY" icon can be seen in the corner allow the viewer to purchase a print once tapping that icon and choosing the size desired. 

All prices are visible, and the photo lab used by SmugMug (the site host) offers a full reprint-or-refund (customer’s choice) guarantee on all prints.

If the BUY icon is not present, of if you wish a size that's larger than what appears to be available, please use the Contact page to email me the following information:

1) Gallery name

2) Page number within that gallery

3) Exact file name (which you can copy & paste into the Message box of the email)

I'll respond - as soon as I can - by uploading a high-res of the image or images you're interested in and letting you know where they're located. You will then see the BUY icon and can choose whatever size print or other product you wish to have created through the professional SmugMug lab

If you'd like a high-res download so that you can make your own prints, send the same information as above and we'll discuss a price.

Finally, please don't just steal the photos for your own online use.  It’s done all the time, but that doesn’t make it any less slimy. 


I've kept this intro short for fear of boring you. If, for whatever reason, you'd like to read more, please see the article on freelancing below. (Expand each page to make them readable.)
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